Excel - 10 Key Worksheet Functions to Skyrocket Your Productivity

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Mike Thomas 
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An often-asked question by Excel users is "Which Excel worksheet functions are truly essential?"

In a world of over 500 built-in Excel functions, the key is to identify the ones that truly impact your productivity and success while discarding the rest.

Let's sift through the clutter, leaving behind the rarely-used and highly specialized functions, to uncover a select set of Excel tools that are universally valuable across all job roles, industries, and business sectors.

Join our webinar as we unveil the top ten indispensable functions that can supercharge your Excel proficiency and transform your professional toolkit.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • IF: Unlock the power of automation! IF lets you breeze through data entry by determining, "If this condition holds true, input this value; otherwise, input another." It's your shortcut to smart decision-making in a single cell
  • COUNTIFS: Be the data detective you were meant to be! Count the occurrences of specific values (dates, numbers, text) within vast ranges. Ever wondered how many times Customer X paid late? COUNTIFS reveals the answer in seconds
  • SUMIFS: Become a productivity pro! Sum up numbers that meet your custom criteria. Imagine effortlessly calculating the total hours dedicated to Project 123. SUMIFS delivers results without the headache
  • IFERROR: Bid farewell to unsightly errors! IFERROR is your trusty companion, banishing those dreaded #DIV/0 and #N/A errors from your spreadsheets. It's the secret weapon for pristine, error-free data
  • XLOOKUP: Say hello to "VLOOKUP on steroids"! XLOOKUP is Excel's new sensation, simplifying data retrieval from tabular lists. It's your express lane to quick, precise, and hassle-free data searching
  • UNIQUE: Transform clutter into clarity! Generate a unique list of items effortlessly in a single step. Ideal for decluttering data, creating concise inventories, or simplifying your data analysis
  • FILTER: Unleash the power of dynamic lists! FILTER, the juggernaut of Excel's latest functions, swiftly crafts dynamic lists tailored to your criteria. It's your shortcut to efficient data management
  • SORT: Keep your data organized like a pro! SORT swiftly arranges your items alphabetically or numerically, and when paired with UNIQUE, it becomes an unstoppable force for data management
  • GETPIVOTDATA: Pivot tables, meet your match! GETPIVOTDATA makes referencing cells inside pivot tables a breeze. Navigate complex data structures with confidence
  • SUBTOTAL: Storing list-based data in a table is best practice. But what if you need to generate a total, count or average from filtered data In the Table? The SUBTOTAL function is just what you need

Who Will Benefit:
  • This training is categorized as intermediate. It is aimed at users who want to learn about the commonly-used worksheet functions in Excel. Although the training will be delivered using the latest version of Excel, this training is relevant for users of all versions of Excel

Speaker Profile
Mike Thomas - In a career spanning over 30 years, Mike Thomas, a UK-based IT Trainer, has delivered thousands of courses and produced hundreds of written and video-based tutorials.

He is a subject matter expert in a range of technologies on the Windows and Mac platforms however his primary focus and passion is Microsoft Office and Power BI.

Mike is a Microsoft MVP and a Fellow of The Learning and Performance Institute and has worked with and for many global and UK-based companies and organisations across a range of industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical and public sector.

In addition to training, he also designs and develops Microsoft Office-based solutions that automate key business tasks and processes

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