Project Management for Non-Project Managers - How to effectively monitor and control your project

Charles H. Paul Instructor:
Charles H. Paul
90 Minutes
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This webinar will begin by discussing the eleven PM monitoring and controlling processes that are the foundation of the project management processes.

Those processes include:

  • Integrated change control
  • Scope validation
  • Scope control.
  • Schedule control
  • Cost control
  • Quality control
  • Communications control
  • Risk control
  • Procurement control
  • Stakeholder engagement control

The webinar will discuss the specific techniques for monitoring project activities and the frequencies of review necessary to secure and execute overall project control.

Why should you Attend:
This webinar is one in a series of webinars that detail the critical aspects of project management. This webinar deals with the heart of project management - managing and controlling the project.

Great plans and great teams don’t necessarily guarantee project success - good project management that carefully tracks project progress and maintains control can only guarantee success. Successful projects require constant care and maintenance to assure that plans are achieved. When unexpected situations occur, it is up to the project manager to properly react to the situation and keep the project on track. Without that level of control, projects are destined to fail.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Review the eleven monitoring and controlling processes
  • Define the project control steps
  • Explain how to collect and analyze project information - schedule, cost, and labor performance
  • Explain how project changes are executed
  • Define the communication process
  • What is the form and content of project reports?
  • Explain the activities that are performed when closing a project

Who Will Benefit:
  • Any member of a cross-functional project team that has the potential opportunity to lead that project
  • Engineers
  • Marketing Associates
  • Product Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Contract Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Research & Development Associates, Managers, and Directors
  • Design Engineers
  • Manufacturing Managers

Speaker Profile
Charles H. Paul is the President of C. H. Paul Consulting, Inc. - a regulatory, manufacturing, training, and technical documentation consulting firm - celebrating its twentieth year in business in 2017. He has been a regulatory and management consultant and an Instructional Technologist for 30 years and has published numerous white papers on various regulatory and training subjects. The firm works with both domestic and international clients designing solutions for complex training and documentation issues.

He has held senior positions in consulting and in corporate training development prior to forming C. H. Paul Consulting, Inc. He also worked for several years in government contracting managing the development of significant Army-wide training development contracts impacting virtually all of the active Army and changing the training paradigm throughout the military.

He has dedicated his entire professional career explaining the benefits of performance-based training

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